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hand in his lap. I stroked the cloth of her underwear before falling in a couple of fingers and rubbing her clit. Martina tried to talk to Carla, a smile growing on his face. Martina heard the conversation and said, smiling : "Your friend is very rude to nudevista me, Carla, who has his hand in my underwear he knows," Carla laughed and pulled the blanket to get a glimpse of " forget me not, in first mate on the list I'm your penis gag, "said she looked at me. "I do not shag nausea for about a month!" When did Martina kissed me hard on the mouth, tongue in and out of my mouth as I slipped two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Bra Megan Carla unlocked and slid down her own underwear. I felt for her squeezeing Tiits the soft flesh of her nipples looking brown very thin but long. Martina had taken off my cock and stroked his length, stroking my ISTht balls. Carla looks at us knelt down and rubbed her pussy clamboured us next to me and asked again and pulls the blanket helps me pull my pants down. Remove and Megan soaking panties. How was this - I had two beautiful women press her soft flesh on both sides of my body. Carla Martina took my cock and turned to me and started sucking nudevista me flip back and forth with his free hand and rubbed my swollen plays nudevista with her pussy, the juices dribble really. Martina writhing and panting beside me one with three of my fingers in and out of her pussy. Carla was sucking my cock and Martina saw their chance of cock hungry up and nudevista slid over my cock hard as she could, "God is lucky dog Carla were not stupid about his penis," My dick though not always in the 7, 5 " impressive one of the big reasons why I was sure that sex crazy, like Carla too fa awayr! Martina fought up and down it took the swaying tits nudevista Carla decided to take nudevista part and sat on my face, rubbing her clitoris against my tongue stabilizing himself by holding the head
Quotes in his hands and kneading her ass cheeks, I I came and tried to feel up to stop the reaffirmation of feeling. Martina then shuddered and let out a gasp and lost my concentration, even in the milking of his hot hole. Carla has been clear to nudevista me and lifted my face and look at his friend knelt panting sweat nudevista glistening with friends Dick still buried deep. Martina rolled sideways smiles and purrs. Carla immediately began to suck the cock back to life, licked my balls tasting Martina. "I want a fucking go!" He asked in the middle of sucking and licking her. Martina had come to life and held the last hand Carla bent over ass and caressing her lips. Carla looked up, hoping that he grabbed my hand and the air after realizing his beautiful bride was his pleasure. Martina slipped her long nudevista fingers gently into her pussy nailed my cock Carla came back to life ! Carla was sucking my cock and pulled her head Megan 's pussy. Martina could not get over Carla Carla hole is licking friends pussy juices and cum my mouth seems to be past. I was dying to pee and could not wait any longer, so I got up and ran to the bathroom. When I returned to Martina and Carla kissing and rubbing each others clit. The second I walked into my dick grew up in a minute and Carla grabbed my cock and led me to the bed. Carla pulled her legs as he could with Martina stroking his leg. I slid my cock into her pussy and fucked her beautiful blonde harder and longer than I had ever done it. Carla opened her mouth and dug her nails into her like an orgasm over and over again by my side, Martina rubs pussy furiously. I felt my sperm rising and moved to the last stroke and sprayed my cum all over Carla 's lips, as he was one of the bi Carla knewggest attracts me. Carla Martina came she rubbed cream on her pussy. We're screwed increasingly kisses rain and it was a repeat performance, although Martin has called me to ask for a private performance !


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Me and Carla had thrown a party after the publication of a handful of friends. nudevista Carla is May 24 '6 " slim but well built, very sexy with long blonde hair and blue eyes and fabulous legs tits and ass experts 34b. Often, flashing her tits after a few drinks and they even had a threesome with recently when my friend took it for hours. felt a little guilty in the cold light of day, but soon got over it, when again he assured her. the night with his partner Martina was in our house. Martina had just had with his boyfriend a few weeks before, and divided to resign. Martina is the same as Carla and long brown hair, green eyes, 34c tits very thin and classic beauty. n a shot as the night had to cool nudevista down after complaints neighbors to form. Each taxi or staggered away, or so we thought. Carla and I kissed and groped each other as we went downstairs to our room. went to find Martina fully asleep in our bed. Carla tries to wake her gently as we laughed away. inCarla stripped end only his underwear and stood next to Martina and told me to come on the other side. I stopped at underkeks and got into bed. Middle Martina eyes open and realize both sides, he said " sorry guys, you want your bed again. " Carla said, "Okay Marty theres a lot of space here if you want to spend the night " had our house only one room with double bed, so that the guest room was not an option, and the small two- seater sofa practically not much. Martina said she was too hot and took off his jersey and skirt and slipped out of her bra and panties lie in our midst. We chatted and joked in the evening and Megan stroked my arm feels increasingly by the fact that he was in bed with two beautiful women semi- dressed up for us all a little drunk. My hand moved further under the guise stroking her leg, I was not sure if Carla, what he was doing, but I knew my cock was throbbing with excitement. Martina movedslighlty open her legs and I took that as my queue to move